Fluorite and Candle Quartz


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Fluorite and Candle Quartz

A very aesthetic classic specimen from Inner Mongolia.   The Fluorite on this piece have purple phantoms with little to no damage and are translucent.  They are perched perfectly on a bed of Candle Quartz with Hedenbergite inclusions on the bottom.   Unfortunately the Candle Quartz was broken in likely a pocket collapse and self-healed over time.  If they were intact this piece would be tremendously more valuable.  However it shows the impact of nature and its imperfections.  Overall a fantastic collector’s piece.


Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit , Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Chifeng City (Ulanhad League; Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia, China


12cm x 7.5cm x 5cm

Img 6348Fluorite and Candle Quartz

Availability: 1 in stock